Moving Tips

Moving is a hard work. Get Ready!

Prepare your House for a New Owner

After all your furniture and personal items are taking out, clean your house. Treat your new owners as you want to be treated. Clean all kitchen applinces, bathrooms, kitchen cabinets. Vacum and wash the floor. If you can do it professionally, it will be very much appretiate by a new owner. Take out all garbage(back yard & garage incl.). Don't forget to leave on the kitchen counter: all extra keys, mail box keys(with description of the location ), garage opener(s), security code, all instructions and warranties you have.

You are Moving to a New Home! Don't Forget:


1. Book the Movers.

2. If you are renting, give the written notice to your landlord.

3. Call your bank, doctor office, children school with your new address.

4. Call your insurance companies, newspaper deliveries, friends & family.

5. Visit or call your post office to move your mail.
6. Notify your friends and family and invite them to see your New Home.

7. Utilities/Telephone/ TV -move your account to your new address:

    Electricity,Water                  EPCOR                  780-310-4300

    Gas                                     ATCO GAS             780-424-5222

    Telephone                           TELUS                   780-310-2255

    TV/Cable                             SHAW CABLE         780-490-3555

    Edmonton Transit               BUS LINK               780-496-1600

    Edmonton Public School                                   780-429-8000

    Edmonton Catholic School                                780-441-6000