For Sellers



The most important step is to find a right price on your house. Your Realtor will present you with CMA(Comparative Market Analysis). If you serious about selling, the property should be priced within the market. As soon as you overprice the property, you loose many potential buyers. Your agent will suggest you the price, but remember that final word is YOURS. The real estate market is volatile, and prices change daily. If you have very little activity on your house, or activity, but not offers, you should revisit the price. Be patient. If price is correct, there will be a buyer. Prepare your home for presentation. Your realtor did lots of work to market your house. Now is your turn. Preparing the property is the next step to the effective showings. You have to take a serious commitment to keep the house in top condition. Make it as attractive as possible. Remember: a first impression is very important. INTERIOR: wash windows, clean carpet, linoleum, ceramic(it must be spotless & shining), clean all the bathrooms, put some fresh paint, if it is need. EXTERIOR: clean windows, make sure your lawns trimmed and neat, don't forget to clean your yard. Remember: clean, sparkling windows make the whole house seem really clean. If you can, remove the personal items, especially valuables. Hide your family pictures. It will help a prospective buyer to picture your house for his family. When you have showings, turn on all lights and open curtains and drapes, and leave the house.