For Buyers




Very often the most valuable possession you have is your home. The market changes every day, sometimes every minute. If you love the house and you can afford it, and your agent assures you that you are paying a fair market price, YOU ARE PAYING THE BEST PRICE. Don't forget that LOCATION is a secret of real estate. Buying a house is a serious investment and you will need many professionals to help you in the process.

First of all, make sure that you will receive the  best available mortgage(it can save you more money than the best barging price). The mortgage professionals will calculate how much you can afford. The lower the interest rate-the more you can afford. Your credit is the key! You can negotiate: interest rate, term, amortization period(time when your mortgage will be paid off), method of repayment(monthly, by-weekly..). If you maintain a good credit rating, you can expect the best available interest rate on market. But it doesn't mean that if your credit is bruised or you declared a bankruptcy in the past, you can't get a financing.

 Never save money on a house inspection(it can be your best investment). You will need an appraiser, lawyer...

A good professional real estate agent will do the work for you and connect all the links in the long chain of buying. An excellent, easy to read Complimentary Guide "Buying/Selling a Home" can be order by phone or e-mail.